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Immunity Centrum NZ

Supporting Your Immunity

How to help support your immunity

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Try to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Eat a balance diet
  • Stay active
  • Try to avoid smoking
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight
  • Increase sleep
  • Minimize stress1

Centrum vitamins and minerals that help support immune system function

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that help support immunity.

  • Vitamin C - is important in various aspects of the immune system, including immune cell function2. Vitamin C has been shown to improve certain immune cell activities.

  • Vitamin E - is an antioxidant that has been shown to improve certain immune cell activities2.

  • β-Carotene - Processed by the body to form vitamin A, but may have its own antioxidant activity3.

  • Selenium - Supports certain immune cell activities4.

  • Zinc - Supports certain immune cell activities, including some phagocytosis and antibody production3.

Centrum Immunity

How Centrum Supports Immunity

Centrum Advance Multivitamin and Mineral Tablets. With key antioxidants such as Vitamins A & E, β-Carotene, Selenium, Vitamin C and Zinc to help support immune function.

A well balanced diet requires a wide variety of food in the right amount. However, it can be difficult to keep this up every day. Therefore, you can choose to take a multivitamin to help fill your nutritional gaps.


A multivitamin and mineral supplement is convenient and it provides peace of mind that we are achieving the recommended dietary intakes of essential vitamins and minerals everyday.


Regular exercise can help support immune system function

The immune system is very responsive to exercise5 and physical activity can have health benefits for an individual. Did you know that regular activity can make you feel more energetic and improve quality of life.6.

More than half of all Australians are not active enough6. It’s important everyone considers physical activity every day. Regardless of age, young or old, physical activity applies to all.


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